Travaillez avec les 2 fiches de vocabulaire suivantes pour réviser les chiffres, les dates, numéros et l'expression des hausses et des baisses (pour pouvoir commenter des statistiques, prix, inflation, coûts etc...)


Fiches de voca à travailler 




Testez-vous maintenant:


Translate into French/English:

  1. He will come on Monday at 10pm.
  2. He's expected on Friday evening, around 8 pm.
  3. I worked on July 14!
  4. It's a quarter past eight already!
  5. Its' a quarter to five only...
  6. I spoke with him on the phone the day before yesterday.
  7. On se voit demain à 17h30!
  8. Il est parti il y a 1 semaine, le 25 je crois.
  9. J'ai rendez-vous demain à midi.
  10. Les ventes ont chuté de 20%.
  11. Les salaires ont augmenté de 1,5%.
  12. Les données sont restées stables.
  13. The figures skyrocketed last month.
  14. The spending plummeted last year.
  15. This chart shows its decline.
  16. The line graph shows it gradually picked up in June.
  17. Unfortunately, it reached a bottom low just after summer time.
  18. The rise was sharp at the beginning of the year.
  19. Around one in four people lost their job in the company last year.
  20. His wage stands at 1000 euros per month.


Write the figures (les chiffres) in full letters (en toute lettre):

  1. 55.6% = 
  2. 2,598 people = 
  3. on Monday 21, 2012
  4. phone number 06 98 65 32 87 = 
  5. e-mail: = 

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