17 juin 2014


DSV Road Film (English voice-over) DSV film about transport and logistics services DSV Air & Sea Film (English voice-over)  
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26 octobre 2012

Roll-on Roll off

A Roll-on Roll-off or a ferry boat. Those ships are used mostly in short journeys to cross the Channel or the Mediterranean Sea for instance. They enable lorries to link two shores without wasting too much time in handling and storage. Indeed, the lorries roll onto the boat where they are parked, the Ro-Ro crosses the sea; and then lorries roll off to reach their final destination. There is no breakbulk (the goods stay in the lorry, there is no loading or unloading at the port). VOCABULARY Roll-on Roll-off: un roulier ... [Lire la suite]
30 avril 2012

Sortie des TL13A au port de Bonneuil/ marne

Sortie des BTS Transport au port de Bonneuil - Institut Nemo à Malakoff
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30 avril 2012

Look at container cranes used to load Lo-Lo Ships

Giants on the Move - Cranes for Wilhelmshaven | Made in Germany   Explication du chargement du porte conteneur, en soulevant le conteneur -(lift) et en les empliant dans le navires (jusqu'à 20 conteneurs sont empilés les uns sur les autres)
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